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The News Pauper: As The Worm Turns

As The Worm Turns

By W.B. Dunne

A few observations that occurred to the News Pauper while watching the correspondents dinner:

I feel a wave of pity for what remains of the illustrious GOP. Force-fed the neocon philosophy for all these terrible years, the abandoned army has forgotten how to march without a leader. In a palpable irony, their figurehead sulks in his Dallas mansion, while the power behind the face of the party is suddenly as accessible as he was inaccessible during his tenure. It is truly terrible to see Dick Cheney on a very good day, nowhere will you find a man so unworthy of trust or friendship. He has escaped with his skin and sails away from his dastardly acts shrieking in delight. He is a tyrant and a torturing killer, and he is relishing in the sight of his destroyed forces and the people that stopped him in hot pursuit. This devil deserves no sympathy; he is exactly like Hitler in the respect that he expects to take his people down with himto the last man.

Here is a prediction: The Political Party that replaces the now extinct Republican Party will make the Republicans appear even more ridiculous, in retrospect, than they appear now.

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