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The News Pauper: As I Look into the Future

As I Look into the Future

By W.B. Dunne

“Even the lay people knew by then it was Al-Qaeda.”
From the pages of Hullabaloo.

The News Pauper gets his news the way most of you do, from journalists and news outlets that are supposed to be bound to the concept of a free press to inform an interested, active populace. These agencies exist to tell us the truth, and we repay them with the funds they need to conduct fair research. That is why there are so many bankrupt news agencies out there — they didnt do their jobs. There were plenty of stenographers eagerly trolling for access by dutifully dictating the totalitarian Bushies every false word. Dividing the people into two groups, believers and non-believers, was always the plan.

The day the towers went down in flames I was of the opinion that the event was either the biggest failure of intelligence this country had ever had, or we were witnessing a coup. The more time from that event that passes, the more that I am of the opinion that the facts point to the latter premisethe behavior of the Bush administration leaves me no choice but to suspect the worst.

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