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Today’s Quote: This is What the Corrupt GOP Will Use to Impeach Obama

“I [Ralph Nader] asked Bruce Fein, an associate deputy attorney general under Ronald Reagan, constitutional rights litigator, author of books and articles and many Congressional testimonies on the imperial presidency, and its unlawful penchant for Empire, for his reaction. Here is his response:

‘Former President Bush’s selective memoir is a little like Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark. With the exception of authorizing waterboarding, a form of torture, Bush neglects his serial vandalizing of the Constitution and the federal criminal code: five years of illegal surveillances of Americans on American soil; a war against Iraq without proper authorization by Congress; illegal detentions of enemy combatants without accusation or trials; hundred of unconstitutional signing statements professing an intent to refuse to faithfully execute the laws; unconstitutional defiance of congressional subpoenas; and, employing unilateral executive agreements to circumvent the treaty authority of the Senate over military commitments.”

‘Despite his constitutional literacy, President Obama has balked at faithful execution of the laws against torture, warrantless spying on Americans, or obstruction of justice perpetrated by Bush and his servile minions. On that score, Obama resembles President Nixon, who was impeached by the House Judiciary Committee and forced to resign for sneering at his constitutional obligation to enforce, not ignore the laws.

‘If Obama believes exculpatory circumstances justify non-prosecution of Bush-Cheney,” Fein continued, “then he should pardon them as authorized by the Constitution. A pardon must be accepted by the recipient to be effective, and acknowledges guilt and the inviolability of the rule of law. Ignoring lawlessness at the highest levels like Obama wounds the rule of law, and creates a precedent that lies around like a loaded weapon ready to destroy the Constitution. Obama himself is thus violating his oath of office by nonfeasance.’ “
From “Bush At Large,” by Ralph Nader, CommonDreams.org, Nov.16, 2010.

Of course, the unconscionably hypocritical Republicans won’t demand Bush and Cheney be prosecuted, but they will use this as a basis to impeach Obama and AG Eric Holder for failing to prosecute them – that’s just how crass and despicable they are – and it’s really the only thing they have on Obama.

Think it’s unlikely? Remember, in the mid-90s when the GOP went after Bill Clinton for having an extramarital affair, the charge was initially spearheaded by Republican adulterers Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston and Henry Hyde.

The News Pauper: Cheney is a Dick

By W.B. Dunne

In a way, the NP feels pangs of Christian sympathy for Cheney the Dicks daughter, Liz. Imagine being bred in such an environment as the one that the unfortunate Ms. Cheney was reared. Imagine the resulting mental trauma of coming of age and discovering that your father was among the worst human beings ever seen.

It is wondrous to me that a personality can be subdued to the extent of Liz Cheneys. In an attempt to capitalize on Eric Holders announcement that the Guantanamo inmates will finally see a judge, Liz went on Fox News to reach a new low in obfuscation of crime. Dick Cheney has so taken over his daughters independent thought that it would not surprise the NP in the slightest to discover that her real brain is in a vat somewhere, or that cloning is real and Dick has doubled his lifespan by installing his cloned hatred in his daughters handy corpse. Listening to this poor woman speak, I am reminded of a terrified 3-year-old trying to not incur the wrath of an abusive parent.

So, in addition to being a war criminal and traitor to his country, Dick Cheney will also to be able to claim the credit for all the damage he has imposed on his own flesh and blood. Dick Cheneys madness, his deep need for the blood of innocents, will be remembered for its ghoulish excesses alongside the worst of historys tyrants.

Such extremes of rhetoric can only imply a pervasive panic among the responsible, the Cheney’s in particular. They have all seen their comfortable margins evaporate. The cover that used to be there has inexplicably thinned to a veneer.

No doubt there is more to comewhen the day finally arrives that the book is closed on the Cheney chapter of American history, our mirage of exceptionalism will disappear forever.

Viva Obama! This is turning out to be a great year.

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2009 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.

The News Pauper: A Thing of Beauty

By W.B. Dunne

It is with particular delight that the News Pauper announces that Eric Holder is my new favorite Attorney General ever

The announcement that the trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is to be held in New York City has led some on the right to say that the AG has granted citizenship to the terrorists. Bah actually, this is shaping up to be the route Obama will have to take in order to reverse the precedents set by the past eight years of Cheney-mentia.

I had not thought of it at first, but what a completely brilliant way to flip the flow on the criminal mismanagement that has occurred. By having this trial to begin with, the system has a chance to heal from its wounds, the press will have little else to focus on, and the facts of the case will certainly expose the treason of the architects of the policy. The right-wing noise machine is already wringing its hands at the terror of terrifying terrorists, in NYC, by having a fair and impartial trial in broad daylight. This is because it creates a scenario that if the criminals get off on any technicality, it will be that they did not receive the speedy trial they, and we, deserved.

A hearty, extra helping of reality to the Bush-wreckers of the Constitution.

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