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The News Pauper: The Significance of the Thirteen

By W.B. Dunne

The only thing that separates the thirteen dead soldiers at Ft. Hood from the thousands of nameless statistics of the past eight years is the touching recent ceremony all our media covered.

Now, it wasnt covered in order to honor in a fitting way those that died at Ft. Hoodbut rather to oil the cogs for the terrorist meme that has resurfaced in the wake of this mass murder.

The ceremony itself was sincere. That must be from rehearsing it thousands of times.

The only change is the presidents comments thankfully, they reminded me of how far we have come from the embarrassing dolt that previously occupied that office.

The return of the nauseating global war on logic can be best seen in the remarks of the dinosaur Pat Fucking Robertson. This vintage piece of work couldnt resist using the tragic reality of the deaths of thirteen American patriots to say that Islam is not a religion, but rather, a violent political system bent upon beheadings and pouring boiling oil down the throats of non-Muslims!

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The News Pauper: The Day After Ft. Hood, Part 2

By W.B Dunne

Just think of it: Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan has already been called a terrorist by the great Joe Lieberman. The Major admittedly committed an atrocity by any civilized standard, but unlike the greater part of our recent shooters, he has survived. If he makes it, look for him to be blasted as the evil Muslim murderer. Hell wish he died on that horrible day for the rest of his life after the NEOs [neocons] are through with him.

When Obama visits Texas this week, I hope his security remembers another November visit a certain president made to Texas, and prepares accordingly.

The News Pauper is disgusted to have to revisit this issue so soon after the actual event. I thought that for once there would be a pause in the rhetoric in the view of the great horror of a one-day body count here in our own country as high as any in some far-off theater of war.

Major Hasan held the post of psychiatrist, in an institution sworn to the protection of our way of life. He of all people has the education and background to cope with the many pitfalls attendant to his mission, yet his resources have had no discernible value in the light of the fact that he felt the only way to make himself understood was to attack the very soldiers he was charged with caring for.

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