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The News Pauper: A Day At The Racists

By W.B. Dunne

The video is provided here in case any of you are masochists, or desire to share the NPs disgust. It is without a doubt a record for the most bullshit contained within a 6-minute clipever.

The clip begins with Glenn Beck stating that he doesnt know if anyone returns from Washington with his soul. The stagecraft is very oddthe Statue of Liberty not so casually holds her lamp over Glenn Becks head in a sheltering, blessing gesture. Those of us in the image biz can certainly appreciate the subtlety of appropriating the symbol of Americas commitment to liberty to setup the scripted softballs for Sarah fucking Palin.

Incidentally, that location shot was weird. Did Fox have to mount a trailer on a billboard tower in the Jersey swamp to get that angle?

Within the one-minute mark the Wasilla wannabe makes 12 ‘mmm’ noises, and brings forth eleven whole words. Fox apparently thinks the less said the better. I give it a week before some enterprising dubster creates a mashup of these ‘mmmms’!

Sarah is magnificently clueless or in on the game. She knows, or must suspect that the George Washington that Glenn so slyly refers to is not and can never be her. He is setting the stage for a strongman to claim the constituency of the teabaggers. Who in the military is positioned to affect a coup? Is Glenn dictator shopping?

The fact that the father of our country would pound the little fascist Glenn Beck into a pewter cup to soak his wooden dentures in eludes the quitter governor of Alaska. I dont want to subject you dear readers to any worse torture than already is a reality by the mere existence of these evil charlatans, but just look at the smirk on the quitters face at the top of this clip! The News Pauper defies any reasonable thinking human being that maintains that she doesnt know the script is nothing more than just a script.

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