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Today’s Quote: Well-Paid National Tea Party Organizers “Use and Abuse” Local Tea Party Volunteers

What a shock – greedy Republicans at the top scamming the gullible lower on the ladder for money! Somebody tell Fox News!

“[The national] Tea Party Patriots don’t really do anything for the local groups … There are a lot of frustrated people. There are a lot of other people in the country who’ve done events and have gotten screwed over. We are all volunteers. We do not get paid like [Jenny Beth Martin, national TPP director] does. They don’t say, ‘Thank you.’ They use you and abuse you.”
— Joy McGraw, Georgia state Tea Party Patriots coordinator, as quoted by Stephanie Mencimer at Mother Jones.com. McGraw was stuck with a $5,000 bill for catering that was supposed to be paid by the national TPP organization.

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