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The News Pauper: FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe Is A Neocon Shill

By W.B. Dunne

Here is an example of a statement that the NP thinks typifies the right-wing subterfuge of our discourse:

(h/t to Crooks and Liars)

Matt Kibbe: “Well I think if you look at whats happened down there, its a sad story of government incompetence as well as negligence on the part of BP. And I think what you have to look at is when there is a natural disaster like this we do expect our government to do some things and to do them well. And the whole point of limited government is you want the government to be competent at those few things that we need it to do and this is an example where the government was asleep at the switch and theres a series of regulations that led to deep drilling as opposed to more economical and safer options.”

Take a look at that first sentence

Always CYA with I think, in case down the road you need to say, I USED to think to escape enhanced techniques of interrogation!

“Well I think if you look at whats happened down there, its a sad story of government incompetence as well as negligence on the part of BP.”

Yeah, but that sentence is directed at the Obama government with the intent of smearing itstated more perfectly, its a sad story of the negligence of the Bush-Cheney era and incompetence on the part of BP for drilling three miles into the earth without a plan. The NP just loves the condescension in the down there, cleverly implied is that Matt is up here, wherever that might be!

Now, the second sentence the death sentence I call it And I think what you have to look at is when there is a natural disaster like this we do expect our government to do some things and to do them well.”

There Matt goes again, ‘thinking,” this time in order to, like a helpful teacher, direct our awestruck gaze to something that we otherwise would have missed, a NATURAL DISASTER! Before we move on, Matt, tell us all what is NATURAL about Dick Cheney neutering the energy policy for his Big Oil cronies, and drilling a hole in the ocean floor?

Ill give ya that disaster bit though. There is so much bullshit stacked in this sentence one wonders why I would go on dismantling itI wonder too. Im like exploring on the bullshit frontier and I tell ya its lonely, and I’m only halfway through!

“We do expect our government to do some things and to do them well.”

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The News Pauper: Were In It Deep

By W.B. Dunne

Today in the news there is the story of 13 dead and missing in Texasin a well explosion. I wonder if the bookmakers had to pay out much. I wonder if they made a profit in the insurance payout. There ought to be a site that panders to my desire to know these kinds of things.

The NP in an earlier time was a sound tech for a film being shot in Wyoming. We took a light aircraft to an airport on top of a small mountain and, on the approach, I was treated to the spectacle to what the British Petroleum Company and Halliburton had done to the landscape. The roads that served the copper concerns were red, the coal roads were black, and the entire landscape for as far as one could see was dotted with natural gas wells. The roads that led to them were apparently bulldozed out of the tundra and served only the well, but at least they shared the color of the land surrounding it.

The first bit of wildlife I encountered was what I initially thought was some kind of wild mountain goatbut upon approaching them with the van they did not move off. It seems that in the process of BP buying out the mineral rights or the land itself from the locals, a few of the livestock sheep that got forgotten in the pasture when the former herders sold out had gone feral. They had grown matted and grotesque, and would eventually be eaten by wolves.

By the time I reached the bottom of the road on Airport Mountain, I was becoming acutely aware of the change that had been made since I had been in Wyoming on tour in the ’80s. The ranchers and cowboys were still around, only they lived in town now and worked in service industries that catered to the energy concerns skilled workforce. As we made it out onto the main highway I noticed that there was a new mountain a mile longit was a screen to obscure the work being done behind it. It hid the strip mine that was there. I was amazed to see feta cheese on the menu at the cowboy-corporate diner.

I actually went into the BP office that was tucked into a spot just off the interstate. Halliburton trucks were idling ominously in the early morning March frost. The first thing I noticed was in the areas where the cubicles were for the office workers, they had installed big-screen TVs every couple of yards. All of them were tuned to Fox News and, when they werent, Corporate in Houston would pop in with streaming company meetings. Very high tech. I chuckled as I left when I noticed the new digs were located on Crooks Road.

Today, alas, we all are aware of the Deepwater Horizon. I find it coincidental at best that immediately after this catastrophe we see several smaller energy related incidents occur.

The NP makes his calls in the realm where everything is connected and orchestrated, so it seems prudent to allow for the idea that there might be people powerful enough and evil enough to conspire to take the big one off the front page with a few smaller ones. Im convinced that what I saw in Wyoming was a test market for a social engineering scheme. Corporate was using their own workers as guinea pigs; the cult they created led to this zombie-like acceptance of incompetence as infallibility. Our deep-water horizon has been reachedand beyond it we can never go.

Depend upon the stream of nonsense that will stun the sheep to distract them from the big event that is killing the Gulf of Mexico. That kid that killed Natalee Holloway will help. Work is ongoing in bringing Stacy Petersons corpse onstage. I encourage for all of us an extra measure of skepticism in ingesting anything that does not focus on a sea change in the way energy is done in this country. I think Dick Cheney needs to be jailed so he cant act as an enemy to the people anymore. It is his greed that brought us here. America is no longer exempt from the kind of treatment once reserved for Ecuador or Nigeria. I guess that the Oilcos know that were too weak and complacent and drugged and ignorant to know when were being choked to death.


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