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The CIA Tested LSD in the New York Subway System?

Sure, most of us have read about the drug experiments the CIA conducted on individuals in the 1950s and 1960s, with and without their knowledge, but it now appears ‘The Company’ randomly tested aerosol LSD on the unwitting riders of the NYC subway system in 1950. As the article below says, “But with the CIAs most important records on such matters destroyed or cloaked in national security claims, it remains difficult to prove whether these purported subway tests occurred.”

Who knows what other dreadful mass ‘experiments’ on innocent Americans have been conducted that continue to be hidden behind a wall of ‘national security’ classification? If the spooks were willing to test a drug of then-unknown effects like LSD on unsuspecting train passengers 60 years ago, what else have they done to us since? (It might explain the crazies on the right and some other social anomalies.) From Rupert Murdoch”s New York Post:

Did the CIA test LSD in the New York City subway system?

Last Updated: 5:05 AM, March 14, 2010
Posted: 1:28 AM, March 14, 2010

On Nov. 28, 1953, Frank Olson, a bland, seemingly innocuous 42-year-old government scientist, plunged to his death from room 1018A in New Yorks Statler Hotel, landing on a Seventh Avenue sidewalk just opposite Penn Station.

Olsons ignominious end was written off as an unremarkable suicide of a depressed government bureaucrat who came to New York City seeking psychiatric treatment, so it attracted scant attention at the time.

But 22 years later, the Rockefeller Commission report was released, detailing a litany of domestic abuses committed by the CIA. The ugly truth emerged: Olsons death was the result of his having been surreptitiously dosed with LSD days earlier by his colleagues.

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