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Today’s Quote: BP Coughs Up $70 Million For Oil Spill ‘Advertising Campaigns’?

“And while BP has repeatedly stated that it will pay all necessary and appropriate clean-up costs and verifiable claims for other loss and damage caused by the spill, the Florida Congressional delegation has repeatedly asked BP to place $1 billion in an escrow account to reimburse states and countiesinstead the states have received $25 million block grants, plus $70 million to help with advertising campaigns.”
— Rick Outzen, “Shocking BP Memo, and the Oil Spill in the Gulf,” The Daily Beast, May 25, 2010.

$70 million for ‘advertising campaigns’ while people in the Gulf region are suffering the effects of the worst oil disaster in history? What are they going to ‘advertise’ that massive oil spills are good for you?

The News Pauper: On Responding to Idiots

On Responding to Idiots

By W.B. Dunne

I love Barack Obama. If for nothing else, then for the wonderful range of complete wingnuttery that his rise to glory has unleashed. It was necessary for me to lay out for a few days after my last post, I wanted to keep from becoming a one note singer with my focus on the piddling stylings of Glenn Beck. In that small space of time a few things have occurred to me that I thought Id share:

The owners of the media, which are capitalizing through the ratings, are really the ones responsible for the tone of their toadies. They are the bosses in a huge money machine, and they endorse in blood every word the crazies in their shows spit out. We are going to see more of the chaos they need to survive the coming retribution.

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