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Today’s Quotes: The Truth Hurts

“We are … profoundly ignorant. People don’t know anything about their own religions. We know little of our own history, let alone our history in context with the rest of the world. We worship sports heroes who torture dogs, but we point at scientists and laugh. A profoundly messed-up woman like Christine O’Donnell can run on a platform of ‘See? I can’t manage my finances either. I’m you.’ We had eight years of a dry drunk as president because people thought he was the guy they’d want to have a beer with — as if that were ever going to happen. Now there are people who would vote to give the nuclear codes to an aging high school mean girl because they’d like to fuck her — as if that’s ever going to happen. Smart people are regarded with scorn as ‘elites.’ Ignorance is regarded as a virtue.
“This is how an empire dies. And we are going to be around to see it.”
— Jill, “A New Study Shows That Americans Are idiots,” Brilliant at Breakfast, Oct. 11, 2010. (H/T/ to Bartcop.com.)

“It all really started to slide horribly down hill with NCLB [No Child Left Behind]. That policy effectively doomed social studies/history programming in schools. Civics classes, forget about it. We are no longer challenged to think critically, but to simply do sight recognition of a question and regurgitate an answer. As a society we are certainly doomed. It’s not teachers or students that are the problem, its the lack of curriculum that will come back to bite us on the ass.”
— Comment by PridePress at above site.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”
— Thomas Jefferson

Glenn Beck’s Legions Speak for Themselves

Revealing interviews conducted by NewLeftMedia at Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ stunt. The ignorant, misinformed Beckistanians featured are a perfect reflection of that John Cage line: “I have nothing to say and I’m saying it.”

We are a big, dumb country and this is the 20 percent at the very wingnut bottom of that heap of steaming stupid. H/T to Bartcop.com for the link.

Today’s Quote: How’s That Whole Abstinency, Ignorancy Thing Workin’ Out For Ya?

“According to a new book by family law professors Naomi Cahn and June Carbone, states with the lowest divorce and teenage pregnancy rates are ‘secular blue’ states. Why?

“Well, in Palin country, folks are pressured to practice abstinence until matrimony, and so to avoid the stigma of bearing a bastard, many get married in their early 20s, which prevents them from pursuing a college education and makes them more susceptible to divorce, holding low-paying jobs and succumbing to crime.

“‘Blue state values dont get married until youre equipped for responsibility breed more stable, lasting families,’ concludes the article by Jonathan Rauch from the National Journal.”
— From Planet Proctor #1011

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