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The News Pauper: To Whom It May Concern

By W.B. Dunne

To Whom It May Concern

Ill begin with my vitals…Caucasian male, about fifty, American born and bred. There is nothing exceptional about me my life, my views, or my intelligence. I have received what little education I have at the pleasure of disinterested-at-best institutions, followed by the meanderings of an undisciplined mind through whatever source happened to be at hand.

As if in order to bolster the myth that America produces the most unlikely of opportunities, I have been tapped by the venerable Tattlesnake to contribute to the LT Saloon. To prove that hes as crazy to think I am up to this task as he is succinct in everything hes expressed in all of his columns, I have decided to accept.

I am awash in trepidation over my shortcomings compared to the other contributors to this site. I perceive them all as having some ability, direction, and validity that I do not. I am petrified over the possibility of having to defend my views with coherent and compelling argument when my natural inclinations tend toward the irrational.

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Introducing the New LT Saloon

While we’ll continue to honor the spirit of Grouchy’s Liberaltopia at LT Saloon, the nation has changed in the past decade, and we’re moving forward as well with a new website presenting not only the politics and humor all dozen of our regular readers have become accustomed to, but other features such as new columns, pet care advice, cartoons, a monthly LTS Literary Journal featuring short fiction and poetry, and, since it’s a saloon, a page devoted to good beer and its brewing and enjoyment.

We now have new voices gracing the site, such as those of ‘The News Pauper’ W.B. Dunne, Minorwork, Val’s View, Ana Grarian, Jenn Weinshenker and others, along with Liberaltopia veterans DJ Allyn, Ken Carman, Ye Olde Scribe and The Tattlesnake, with regularly updated cartoons, fake ads, quotes and other humorous items. And, if you feel like some music, check out the tunes on DJ’s Jukebox, no money required.

We also invite commentary from every point of the political compass, except those who scream insults with the CAPS LOCK key engaged.

We update the front page daily; we hope you enjoy browsing around the site and will make it a regular stop.

As it says on the masthead, we aim to make it a place to hang out and think and have some fun while doing it.


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