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The News Pauper: When I Was Eight

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper jumped into his time machine for this bit, inspired by the rebellious America portrayed in the recent expose of gun show sales ignoring background check laws.

I grew up in the military; I was trained from an early age as to the seriousness of guns and bullets. The sound of gunfire was so familiar to me in my youth, I could identify caliber and direction. The weapons I handled ranged from a small nickel-plated .38 six-shot revolver, .22 rifles, 12 and 410 gauge shotguns (breach and pump), and an M-16fully automatic. By the time I was ten my father had taught me enough that I became the gun roadie for the band of hunters he slew pheasant and geese with.

I went to the firing range a million times when I was a kid. My fathers sniper and marksmanship trophies filled the many homes we traveled through as I grew up. Before I ever even fired a gun I had been taught about stance and recoil, and mostly how goddamned dangerous they were in the wrong hands. I was also left with the impression that the most important thing of all was to realize the wrong hands might be your own.

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