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Jenn’s First Cup: The Banking Industry

By Jenn Weinshenker

Let me tell you a story, about National City Bank. On November 4th, 2009, I opened a checking account and a savings account there. I had worked for about seven months on an oil painting and was given $500 for it. It is the only painting I have sold in a year and a half. Im not too proud to admit this; I cant afford to be.

On November 13th, I wrote a check for $22.51. Interestingly enough this triggered an NSF withdrawal. So a $15.00 fee was taken from my $50.00 savings account. I wrote two other checks which have cleared. So I went into the bank today to close out my accounts. They charged me an additional $30.00 fee to close out the checking account and another $30.00 fee to close out the savings account.

When they asked me why I was closing out my accounts, I said, Robbery.

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Jenn’s First Cup: I Think Therefore

I Think Therefore

By Jenn Weinshenker

In my early years I remember thinking that if I was smart enough and applied myself sincerely enough to knowing the truth, one day, I would be able to sort it all out. I read great books and asked lots of questions and thought it was only a matter of time before the light would go on and I would understand the true meaning of life. I used to say to my Grandma, I wish I could pour all of the things you have learned into my head. And she would say, I wish you could too, baby.

I remember enjoying thought provoking discussions with a very dear friend in Boulder. He used to ask me the most interesting questions. Not because I had any answers — about the only thing I knew back then was how much I didnt know — but because he had an amazing, genuinely inclusive curiosity about every thing. We used to talk about freedom and discipline and meditation and study, and of course, the meaning of life. During one such conversation he said something to me that hit me like a shock wave reverberating through my thick skull. He told me that there were some questions that were unanswerable. I couldnt begin to grasp what he was saying. I was incapable of accepting that the questions I had been asking all of my life; didnt have answers to them out there somewhere. I couldnt appreciate the hard realizations he had lived through which gave him the ability to respond to my angst with such peace. Unanswerable questions? How could that be?

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Jenn’s First Cup: The Burden

The Burden

By Jenn Weinshenker

Storms comin in from the west
looks rough
wed better put up those chairs in the shed.

You think well have a tornado this time?

Might, could.

Look at those clouds.
Dont they look like the scales of a fish?
Have you ever seen such a thing before?

The wind is ripping through them trees
theyre all over the place
wed better pull in that table too.
Grab that end?

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Jenn’s First Cup: Little Bit of History

Little Bit of History

By Jenn Weinshenker

I stepped into an antique store today and
Filled my lungs.
Intoxicated by the aroma
that old smell
that old mothball smell,
that aired out,
full summer-heat-smell
filled every fiber and every crease.

For an instant I was there.
I pushed back the old suits and dresses and robes
and stumbled over the well-worn leather heals and loafers
and explored the recesses of Grandmas closet
and fell back into another time.

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