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The News Pauper: The Quiet Ones

By W.B. Dunne

It may be the status quo that the right-wing of the political spectrum in this country has bragging rights on who has the farthest out, most violent, stupidest supporters. In the entire history of this country it has always been the right that provides the most madness, the least progress, and the greatest potential for sudden violent action.

But the News Pauper maintains that we have reached an era where the old template doesnt quite fit anymore. I have been witnessing a dynamic I am unfamiliar with. Never before has the apparatus for disseminating hatred and misinformation had such a heavily greased track to ride on. I wonder if the stirring I feel is the awakening of a real Godzilla.

Could it be that all the overkill engaged in by the likes of Fox and friends has gone too far and desensitized its target market? They have an apparatus that Goebbels would have recognized and slobbered over, but is the incompetence with which they operate their undoing? It is no longer necessary to invoke the cry for authoritarian tyranny through the false flag. One can traumatize just as severely without giving the masses as much as a hangnail, through the mass media, which the right controls.

My little column and my articles reach perhaps as many as several people. However, if I get one comment affirming my premise, I can assure myself that I havent wasted anyones time. If it were otherwise, I would hope the large readership I was addressing was equally discerning. What will happen to this machine that seems to undermine its own existence? A tool designed to educate cannot be long applied to a purpose opposed to that result. You wouldnt use pliers to hammer a nail, right?

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The Tattlesnake Frank Luntz is a Scum-Sucking Pig Edition

(With apologies to our porcine friends who also happen to suck scum, but don’t have much influence on the electorate.)

While some readers may chastise me for gross understatement in the title, and I take their point, I decided to keep this clean, or as clean as you can when describing the contents of the sole working Port-O-Potty on free chili and beer night at a baseball game.

“[A]sk a question in the way that you get the right answer.”
— Frank Luntz on his ‘fair and balanced’ polling methods.

What makes Republican word-whacker Frank Luntz my target is that he is an intentional and dedicated deceiver of the public, smart enough to know full well what he’s doing, but blithely willing to trot out his wares — borrowed from the misuse of modern psychological techniques to sell the gullible what they don’t need joined with a carnival conman’s shell game pitch — for the temporary benefit of his bank account, while his country slides into a wreckage of divisiveness and debt. If you’d like to find the home base for the decimation of our public speech into ignorant, inflamed, fearful, flag-draped hatred; the revision of our history into a reeking bonanza of selfish suicidal capitalism, evangelical Christian crapola and nasty neoconservative warhawk bilge; and the reduction of our political discourse into so much overheated, oversimplified, covertly racist, sound-bite slag, you can point to three names: the late Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, and the lesser-known, but every bit as important, Frank Luntz as the authors of the meltdown in progress.

“Luntz is glibly amoral, worrying only about whether language has the right effect, not whether it’s true.”
— Steven Poole, commenting on Luntz’s book “Words That Work” in The Guardian (UK), July 21, 2007.

It was Frank’s notion to rename a bill allowing more pollution as the ‘Clean Air Act’; it was Luntz who told the GOP to re-label estate taxes as ‘death taxes’ so that the wealthy paid less while the rest of us took up the slack; it was his demented mind that connected Iraq to 9/11 and instructed Republican pols to always preface any mention of the failed Iraq incursion with ‘9/11 changed everything’; behind nearly every current and past GOP talking point, endlessly repeated in the Right-Wing Echo Chamber, you’ll find Frank’s pasty round face, tirelessly choosing just the right words to convince a malleable faction of the American public to eat corporate Republican turds and think it’s prime rib.

Frank Luntz Pig

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