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The News Pauper: What Is It with the Republicans and Water?

By W.B. Dunne

What is it with the Republicans and water? Waterboarding, Watergate, Katrina.

If I were a Republican, Id watch out for the deep end of the pool.
small enough to drown in a bathtub.” This needs more looking into.

Im simply dying to see how Karen Hughes digs her way out of the statements she made regarding the role she played in the White House. The quote was I worried about how that would make us look in the eyes of the world. ‘That’ being torture.

It seems perfectly rational to the News Pauper for Karen to attempt to distance herself from the Bush misadministration, what with all the heat lately, by claiming to have tried to use her influence to stop torture. I fully realize that the entire staff has been popping up to protect their old boss, but this one seems different. It isnt part of the campaign of distractions; its a window into the world these people lived in at that time.

Yeah, sure Karen, you tried to stop the torture. You worried.

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