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Emperor Christie Fiddles at Disney World While New Jerseyans Burn

Clueless Christie’s Katrina Moment and Palin Takes a Dive

“Hanging out with Mickey Mouse while backs all over New Jersey ache under the strain of shoveling two feet of snow will probably not help his [Christie’s] poll numbers at home either. The Hill also reports that Christie’s popularity in New Jersey slipped five points in a Quinnipiac poll released this month.”
— Joshua Norman, “Chris Christie Under Fire for Disney World Vacation During Blizzard,” CBS News, Dec. 28, 2010.

Is Snowstorm Aftermath NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s Katrina?
— Sara Kugler Frazier, AP, Dec. 30, 2010.

“Alaska doesn’t care for Sarah Palin. In fact, other than (predictably) Massachusetts, the ex-governor’s home state has the ‘dimmest’ view of the reality TV star in the entire nation. That’s one of the takeaways in Public Policy Polling’s new report, which paints a discouraging portrait of the Sarah Palin’s drooping favorability ratings across America and on her home turf. Only 33 percent of Alaskans have a favorable opinion of Palin, and only 60 percent of Alaskan Republicans have embraced her (as opposed to 80 percent of the GOP faithful in ‘most places’ across the country).”
— Erik Hayden, “Palin Loves Alaska, But the Feeling Isn’t Mutual,” The Atlantic Wire, Dec. 29, 2010.

Poll: No Longer ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’
— Jordan Fabian, The Hill, Dec. 28, 2010.

Bobby Jindal: Another GOP Lyin’ King

Louisiana’s Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal, in his response to President Obama’s speech February 24, entirely fabricated the anecdote regarding his helping to rescue victims of Katrina in 2005. In fact, Jindal was 80 miles away in Baton Rouge during the time the event supposedly took place. Now, even one of his staff has admitted Jindal lied:

“A Jindal spokesperson acknowledged earlier today that the events Jindal recounted to the nation had never occurred and the governor in no way assisted with boat rescues during the hurricane.”
— Color of Change, “Katrina Survivors Outraged By Jindal’s Lies,” Feb. 28, 2009.

Well, he’s proven he’s full of enough twisted BS to be a Republican president. Color of Change has demanded an apology I’d really like to see Bobby talk his way out of this one.

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