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Today’s Quote-to-Quote: BP ‘Cares’ About the ‘Small People’

“I hear comments sometimes that large oil companies are really companies that don’t care, but that is not the case in BP. We care about the small people.”
— Carl-Henric Svanberg, Board Chairman of BP Sweden, as quoted by the Washington Post, June 16, 2010.

“Only the little people pay taxes.”
— Leona Helmsley, the ‘Queen of Mean.’

Yes, and the little people also bail out Wall Street, the banks, and provide large tax breaks for the big oil companies. On MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show this afternoon, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said ExxonMobil made $19 billion in profit last year (it was a slow period) and paid zero dollars in taxes. Not only that, but they received $165 million back from the IRS of the ‘small people’s’ money. Rest easy, fellow Lilliputians.