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Even the Mainstream Mediocracy Can’t Keep a Straight Face Anymore

This morning on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” a mildly amazing thing happened: The panel — consisting of the Usual Members of the Beltway Mediocracy, Pundit Division — laughed out loud at certifiable wingnut Laura Ingraham’s ludicrous contention that the Obama Administration was more passionate in their dislike of Fox News than terrorist jihadists.

Why is this mildly amazing? Well, in the past, Steph and his panel would commonly listen to this kind of rightie nitwittery with straight faces, and then quickly move on. Now, they are openly laughing at it — even George ‘Eff’ Will apparently chuckled, and G.S. himself scoffed “Come on” — which is a sign of just how far down the well to obscurity the right-wing media have fallen. Here’s the video clip, courtesy of Media Matters: