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The News Pauper: On Being a Pauper

On Being a Pauper

By W.B. Dunne

One gets used to being used. The News Pauper realizes full well his predicament he shares with countless individuals. The rationalizations include the theory that perhaps some are worse off having lost their livelihoods AND borne the brutality of the Reagan deregulations, as opposed to only having spent a career as a contractor. It certainly has to be worse to have had your trust squandered than to never have had any promises in the first place. How many billions have people lost in their mutual funds and 401Ks, not to mention pensions? A thirty-year long Ponzi scheme has reached its inevitable conclusion. How much obscene profit have insurance companies and for-profit health care companies made on the backs of consumers? How does one assess the damage to the psychology of a nation at having been continuously shortchanged for years on end?

What a bleak and dismal point we have reached in our history. The hope and change held aloft during the past election has receded and has left us in the firm grasp of the age old bought-and-paid-for representation we have grown accustomed to. Corporate personhood has divided the very definition of personhood into a schizophrenic terror. The airwaves are filled beyond the brim with hate and vitriol. Dare to oppose an on-air personality and face the wrath of his evil minions. Have a position that is upheld by the law; find yourself on the business end of a gun.

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