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The News Pauper: Culled from the Chicago Rants and Raves Craigslist Page

By W.B. Dunne

I dont know who these guys are, but they are discussing things!

(Lightly edited for readability.)

Re: Good News survey
Date: 2010-03-14, 10:39PM

Thanks for the first semi-civil response [to] Good News! I see I am gaining ground with you. I am more than happy to engage in this sort of positive exchange, and we may see me receive my ambassadorship yet!

1. Do you believe in ‘spread the wealth’?

I believe in widespread generosity and the existence of a social safety net for those unable to contribute. I certainly agree with the enforcement of the tax code that requires fair and equitable contributions by all citizenry, especially corporations, to provide for the needed infrastructure and public projects. There needs to be a solution to the reality that allows 2/3’s of US companies paying zero tax via loopholes. I believe in the taxes collected being used to lift the condition of the citizenry through education, to provide for defense, law enforcement, and healthcare. I certainly believe that the pre-Eisenhower tax brackets are fair and should be re-imposed. (Keep in mind that this is more money than you and I will ever make.) Yes, I believe in the positive definition of spread the wealth. In return I ask, do [you] believe in unmitigated greed?

2. Do you think Democracy is an evil form of government?

No, as long as it IS a democracy and the vote can be monitored to insure fairness in the outcomes. When it is not, it leads to disaster. (See Karl Rove.)

3. Do you think all Corporations are evil?

I do not believe they are the same as human beings as the Supreme Court does, but I do believe that there is something inherently evil in the way some corporations have been allowed to plunder our economy to bolster their shares. I believe that there are extremely unfair advantages being given to certain corporate agendas. (See Blackwater, Enron, Well Point, as well as Halliburton and Lehman Bros. and Goldman Sachs.) I think it is evil for those corporations that took the bailout money should be paying pre-crash level bonuses to their top execs. When they start honoring their civic duty, they may get a less bad rap.

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The News Pauper: All in a Days Work

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper has again been lying low, awaiting a suitable subject to expound upon. The waves are overflowing with things to pass by. The week of Obama-vision we just went through helped to bolster the opinion I have had that the genius of this president is allowing his opponents to exhaust themselves.

I predict that we will see a solid health care reform bill, complete with a public option. In bringing this about, the president will quell the winger multitudes and their owners for a good stretch. The following successes, bringing the Olympics to Chicago, stalling the freefall in the economy, and subduing the corporate forces that fund the astroturfers, will further his reputation. This should all lead to the redress of the issues of the last administrations rape of the Constitution, torture, and war crimes.

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