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Today’s Quote: War of Yankee Aggression?

If Obamacare passes, that free insurance card thats in peoples pockets is gonna be as worthless as a Confederate dollar after the War Between the Statesthe Great War of Yankee Aggression…
— Rep. Paul Broun (R-Lunatic) as quoted by the Daily Beast. (H/T to Bartcop.com.)

Many years ago a friend of mine accidentally fell out of a second-story window and landed head-first on a concrete parking lot. To put it in medical terms, his brain was completely scrambled, and it took him some time before he could recognize friends and relatives. (Fortunately, he didn’t sustain any long-term serious brain damage.)

He was a Civil War buff, and one of the questions the doctors used to monitor how well he was coming back from his massive concussion was to ask what the American war between the North and the South was commonly called. My friend answered brightly, “The War of Northern Aggression.” The doctors decided he should stay in the hospital for another couple of weeks as he was plainly mentally unfit to be released.