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Pet Prose: Sensitivity

Editor’s Note: The Pet Pro has over 20 years professional experience in dog training and pet care, as well as in caring for sick animals.

By The Pet Pro

I once had a client who had a debilitating chronic illness that had eluded diagnosis for years. She experienced fatigue and muscle weakness, terrible joint pain, skin rashes and breakouts, stomach upset, headaches, dizziness the list goes on. She came from a wealthy family who lived nearby, and had a very involved mother who continually jumped in to help ferrying her to one specialist after another, and stepping in to take over running her life at a moment’s notice.

Suggested but unconfirmed diagnoses included chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus and Crohn’s disease, among others. Over the few years that I knew her, her dog, and then her cat, developed chronic illnesses as well also mysterious and difficult to diagnose. She began looking into environmental toxins, allergies, and nutritional deficiencies for an explanation. As I got to know her better, I learned that she was involved in a relationship with a controlling and verbally abusive man and, as I watched her interaction with her mother, it seemed to me that her relationship with her family had left her feeling helpless, dependent and infantile feelings that were perpetuated by her romantic partnership.

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Pet Prose: A Lesson from the Wild Raccoons

By the Pet Pro
(The Pet Pro has over 20 years of professional experience caring for animals of all kinds.)

This is a true story. My brother lives in Ohio, and has a great house with a strip of trees in the back that hides the freeway, and gives the illusion of being in the woods when you sit out on the deck. There’s a large tree that grows through a hole cut in the middle of the deck, and a little creek runs nearby. It’s a lovely spot that attracts all kinds of critters, and my brother is an animal lover like me, so naturally, when the raccoons came to visit, even though he’d been told you shouldn’t, he put out food and water. One of the little masked creatures came nearly every day, and eventually would take food from his hand. He named her Isa, and they became friends. After a while, Isa stopped coming, and he thought she’d found a new location and hoped she was OK.

One day Isa returned, and surprise, surprise, brought with her several babies.

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Pet Prose: Birds and Bodyguards

Birds and Bodyguards
by The Pet Pro

One of my favorite stories of animal intelligence is the one I read recently about the barn cat who got herself some canine bodyguards. There was a large group of mostly feral ‘outdoor’ cats living on a farm in a loose society as they sometimes do. Their job was to keep down the ever-present rodent population, and they did it well. One of the smaller kitties was having a hard time because the other cats didn’t like her for some reason and were constantly ganging up on her and beating her up.

In a large enclosure right next to the barn lived a small pack of wolf-dog hybrids that were employed to keep larger predators away from the livestock. Over a period of some months, the cat who was being tormented was seen taking a bird or mouse she had caught and dropping it over the fence for the dogs. She continued bringing daily gifts to her fearsome neighbors until they began to consider her a friend. Then one day when another cat was chasing her, she popped over the fence and took refuge among the big dogs, safe in a place where the other cats would never dare follow. Her feline torturers stopped picking on her once they realized who her new friends were.

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Pet Prose: Poi Dogs Pondering

by The Pet Pro

Poi Dogs Pondering

When I think back over my twenty years as a pet care professional, I am filled with a sense of gratitude for all the lessons my animal friends have taught me, and the desire to share their stories and their wisdom. I have personally witnessed such intelligence among our non-human companions, that to think of them as lesser beings than us has simply become impossible.

Consider, for example, the story I call “Poi Dogs Pondering.”

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