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Pet Prose: No Means No

No Means No

by The Pet Pro

This week I had charge of a middle-aged Macaw named Gatsby. Every morning I would let him out of his cage while I walked the dog and got food and water for both. Gatsby would be hanging out on top of his cage, or walking around on the floor (a pretty funny sight). Then would come the daily adventure of getting him to go back into his cage.

Gatsby knew what he was supposed to do, but being bright and a wise guy, he would make things as hard as possible. Sometimes I could offer him my arm, and he would eventually step on and allow me to put him in the cage. Sometimes he would play hard to get until I finally got fed up, and using the large umbrella from the stand by the door, I would gently push against his feet until he stepped on, and I could transfer him into the cage. Things went more smoothly if I sang to him, and gave him pets and praise, and showed him a little attention and respect before insisting on compliance. A few treats didn’t hurt either.

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