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Pet Prose: Ham I AM

Ham I AM

By The Pet Pro

When our beautiful big kitty Tommy was still alive, he got used to an occasional canine visitor, as we board dogs in our home sometimes. We would always set up a barrier in the house, just past the kitchen, so the dogs would stay in one part of the house, but the cat could come and go as he wished. Tommy had lived with our dog T-Bone for six years until T-Bone passed away, and had formed a comfortable bond, so he wasn’t afraid of dogs, but he usually stayed on his side of the barrier while strange dogs were in the house.

One of the dogs I walk regularly, Hamlet, boards with us several times each year. Hamlet is one of my favorite dogs. He’s a large, handsome German shepherd/black lab mix who reminds us of our T-Bone. He has the same long, elegant paws, big intelligent brown eyes, and gentlemanly ways.

Tommy seemed to agree that Hamlet was familiar in some way. The very first time Hamlet stayed with us, Tommy snuck over the barrier when the dog was sleeping and sniffed his paws and tail, which he had never done before with our other canine guests. During the visit, he would sit on the dining table, just past the barrier, rolling around and flirting with Hamlet, but he never came closer.

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