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The News Pauper: Pray For Those Left Behind

Glenn Beck blames CrooksandLiars and Kos for pointing out his role in the Pittsburgh shootings

by W.B. Dunne

Glenn Beck accepts credit for Pittsburgh cop killingsis how that should read.

Because that is exactly what hes doing. Furthermore, by blaming the bloggers he gives his minions a new, less publicly risky target, the bloggers themselves.

For years the right wing has bred these oppression fantasies with their fake culture wars, their war on this and their war on that. Granted that there were four policemen killed by mistake, Glenn never targeted them. In fact, Glenn would embrace a police force that toed his line. His personal fantasy is troops of black booted thugs trampling all the commie hippie liberals in the streets at his command.

Were in the middle of a dangerous game here people, Im no big city lawyer, no famous pundit with his own radio show, but I smell a rat. A big fat rat that counts as his own a cadre of loose cannons. If I were such a one, Id use my superpowers for good.

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