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The News Pauper: Ralph Peters is a Stupid Pants-Wetting Idiot

Ralph Peters is a Stupid Pants-Wetting Idiot

By W.B. Dunne

Ralph Peters is a stupid pants-wetting idiot and I hope he is the first member of the media that is targeted by the military in order to censor his idiocy. The News Pauper has often, in the past, wondered to what extent the types of speech Rush and his ilk engage in could goand here we are.

Fox News, as if there even is such a thing, is providing a platform to a proponent of the idea that shooting the press is the solution to our failures. When is that station going off the air?

Weve all heard about Clear Channels solution to its budget woes so it can pay off Rushs contract; fire everyone. We really are seeing a dying dinosaur. Time Warner and AOL are getting a divorce. The entire newspaper industry is in a collapse. The members of the population that are accustomed to this supply of information are going totally nuts, fed by theories of federal malevolence from crazy commentators and their Hail Mary attempts to pull ratings out of the toilet.

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