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Two Bit Manchild?

Famous chickenhawk/war supporter Rush Limbaugh, appearing on one of those stupid Fox News sunday morning talking head shows, again called Barack Obama a man-child.


Speaking of manly behavior, did you know Rush dodged the draft due to having an anal cyst? Liberal Talk Host Randi Rhodes said she had the same thing an anal cyst. However, she had outpatient surgery to have it removed and then went on to proudly serve in the military.

La Dolce Stupida starring Rush Limbaugh

BTW, Two Bit Manchild is the title of a non-chart busting single by Neil Diamond from 1968:


The Tattlesnake On the Media Beat Edition

Rumors Slipped Under the Doorway:

Word is billionaire George Soros, with additional backing from fellow moneybags Warren Buffett, is going to cause heads to explode in the right-wing media universe as he’s supposedly planning to spend mega-millions to buy Air America Radio, along with failing radio stations across the land, and start a well-financed alternative to Clear Channel’s network of conservative talkers. He’s also looking at purchasing some regional small-and medium-market TV stations that are down on their luck to compete with the typically GOP-friendly mumbo jumbo broadcast in those areas. Soros and Buffett aren’t doing this strictly for altruistic reasons they’ve studied buying patterns in the current depressed economy and it’s clear: the better-educated listeners of progressive talk radio have more disposable income than the downtrodden audience of right-wing media. While many advertisers have been shy to buy time on liberal radio, the trend is turning the other way now, what with the general unpopularity of the Republican Party and George W. Bush in particular. Will they be able to get the deal past the GOP-dominated FCC? Stay tuned

Speaking of which, Rupert Murdoch is said to be quietly seeking a buyer for the Fox television network, including the Fox News channel. Revenues and ratings are down at Fox in general and Fox News in particular, and some of the news channel’s nameplates, like Bill O’Reilly, are retiring soon or have become public punchlines, such as Sean Hannity and Steve Doocy. Bloomberg is rumored to have cast the top bid so far.

Look for rattled Republicans sensing electoral disaster to campaign this year without any reference to the party in their media advertising. Moreover, watch for them to campaign AGAINST some of the GOP agenda of the last eight years. “Appear to be independent,” is the private advice that went out from the RNC, according to rumor. Deflating the prospects of some GOP incumbents and first-timers is word from on high that the national party’s cupboards are bare and not to expect financial help even in tight ‘safe’ districts, only millionaires willing to spend their own cash need apply.

Hot on the heels of the success of ‘Reel Time with Bill Maher,’ HBO is allegedly on the verge of offering radio host Randi Rhodes her own weekly ‘no-holds-barred’ hour, featuring a free-wheeling stand-up/panel format similar to Maher’s show. With her rumored MSNBC deal scotched after her controversial separation from Air America Radio, HBO sees an opening for Rhodes’ savagely funny, profanity-laden style. Word is, the pay-cable channel wants to have her up and running by late summer, if she’ll sign on.

Meanwhile, speaking of MSNBC, Rachel Maddow keeps expanding her television orbit, regularly appearing on at least three of the ‘Place for Politics’ programs and as part of their election coverage, but the cable news channel’s execs continue to dither over giving Maddow her own show. They’d better act fast the dull and snarky Campbell Brown is gasping like a carnival goldfish over at CNN and they’ve been sizing up Rachel’s class act as a sharp and satirical and more youthful — addition to their political coverage including taking over Brown’s low-ball primetime hour, opposite MSNBC ratings star Keith Olbermann. It’s no secret that Olbermann and Maddow are good friends and simpatico politically would she mount a challenge in his time slot? All’s fair in love and TV, they say, so we’ll have to see how this plays out, but word is the Air America Radio talker is a little weary of parrying with the likes of ‘Uncle Fudd’ Pat Buchanan and his precious pup Michael Smerconish at MSNBC.

The Tattlesnake Fired Tuck Edition

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is not even a misbegotten American journalist’s idea of a journalist — it’s a laughable enigma how this spoiled son-of-privilege ever ended up on television pretending to be one. He’s as much a slab of tasteless turkey as any his relatives have ever slapped on an aluminum tray with lumpy gravy and called a meal, and his on-air snippy condescension, mixed with his sniggering crested-blazer boarding school style, added up to such a wince-inducing media presence that you have to wonder if his well-heeled family owns stock in the company. “Give my little nephew a job on your TV thingy.” “Sure thing! Does he have a bow-tie?”

Finally, after months of rumors, MSNBC cut the cord March 10 on Tucker’s daily hour-long Dork-a-thon, although the cable station has lamentably promised Carlson will continue to annoy viewers with his occasional political analysis a sly short-pants conservative bookend to Pat Buchanan’s raspy ‘Incredible Shrinking White Man’ dementia.

Fired Tuck’s (transpose the ‘F’ with the ‘T’) major crime against humanity, at least that small part of it that could keep their dinner from coming back up during his programs, has to do with his quasi-O’Reilly feints; pretending to be an ‘objective’ Libertarian with no horse in the race, while secretly slipping a mickey to the jockeys with a ‘D’ after their names. Of course, like Billo, he would occasionally strike up a contrarian viewpoint when addressing some GOP outrage or another, but it only served to highlight his bottom-line crack-whore subservience to Reagan/Bush corporate Republicanism. Worse, he giggled and smiled while he crapped all over the plebes, smugly tapping the tennis ball back and forth with yet another sad collection of GOP and Dem ‘strategists.’ (Where do they make these people in some hidden underground cave? Is there a college course, ‘Political Party Strategist 101’ where they learn to indifferently spin dull dross into the Emperor’s New Clothes? Can we get a president who will properly identify them as a threat to our freedom and pack them all off to climb Everest during a blizzard?)

David Gregory (too bad it’s not Dick) is set to take Tucker’s spot, but it appears he’s only a placeholder. After all, Gregory is also NBC’s White House correspondent, and holding that position as well as doing a show five days a week doesnt seem tenable.

MSNBC will also be going through other changes in an attempt to rid itself of the obnoxious and low-rated ‘Doc Bloc’ that has dominated their late night schedule. Ratings winner Keith Olbermann will be re-aired twice instead of once on weekdays, Dan Abrams will be changing his show’s name to “The Verdict with Dan Abrams,” and the rumor is still percolating that Rachel Maddow is on deck to move into the slot right after Abrams.

The demise of ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough, announced here last year, is alleged to be engraved in stone when his contract expires, and Chris Matthews is having problems, especially with women viewers, problems too serious for Matthews to fix with an off-handed apology. He, too, may join Scarborough.

Word is, Randi Rhodes will likely be tapped for a Saturday afternoon run to see how she fares, and Stephanie Miller continues to be a cinch to replace Scarborough in the AM. MSNBC is also apparently lusting to slap up a politics-and-satire “Daily Show” competitor for the evening line-up, but no word on the host or cast as yet.

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