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The Monster is Gone — Mubarak Resigns!

Not that the Egyptian people are experiencing independence and self-rule quite yet — the military is in change for now — but in 18 days the pro-democracy demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir (Liberation) Square and elsewhere in Egypt brought down a vicious dictator without resorting to violence. A toast to the freedom-loving people of Egypt. The Daily Beast has this:

Mubarak Resigns

“One day after vowing to serve until September, Hosni Mubarak has resigned the Egyptian presidency. A military council will now take over the country—and its first act, troublingly, was to suspend both houses of parliament, sack the cabinet, and announce plans to govern with the head of the Supreme Court. Defense Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi will lead the council. Mubarak fled Cairo to his estate on the Red Sea.”

And read the AP coverage here.

Sanford and Satan

Cartoon Sanford and Satan

“The standard Sanford has set for other politicians over the years has been fairly high. A member of the House of Representatives during the heyday of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, he was often a harsh critic of the president for his marital misconduct.

“This is ‘very damaging stuff,’ Sanford declared at one point, when details of Clinton’s conduct became known. ‘I think it would be much better for the country and for him personally (to resign)… I come from the business side,’ he said. ‘If you had a chairman or president in the business world facing these allegations, he’d be gone.’ ” []

” ‘The issue of lying is probably the biggest harm, if you will, to the system of Democratic government, representatives government, because it undermines trust,’ [Sanford] told CNN. ‘And if you undermine trust in our system, you undermine everything.’ ”
— Sam Stein, “Sanford Was Harsh Critic of Clinton Affair” Huffington Post, June 24, 2009.

Mark Sanford: Republican Super A-Hole

Cartoon Sanford Super GOP AHole

AP Newsbreak: SC Governor ‘Crossed Lines’ with Women
Tamara Lush & Evan Berland, AP, June 30, 2009.

Criminal Probe Darkens Sanford’s Political Prospects
Patrick Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor, June 30, 2009.

Sanford Admits to More Contact with Mistress
Chris Cillizza, The Fix, Washington Post, June 30, 2009.

GOP’s Coleman Concedes, Sending Franken to Senate
Brain Bakst, AP, June 30, 2009.

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