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Jenn’s First Cup: The Banking Industry

By Jenn Weinshenker

Let me tell you a story, about National City Bank. On November 4th, 2009, I opened a checking account and a savings account there. I had worked for about seven months on an oil painting and was given $500 for it. It is the only painting I have sold in a year and a half. Im not too proud to admit this; I cant afford to be.

On November 13th, I wrote a check for $22.51. Interestingly enough this triggered an NSF withdrawal. So a $15.00 fee was taken from my $50.00 savings account. I wrote two other checks which have cleared. So I went into the bank today to close out my accounts. They charged me an additional $30.00 fee to close out the checking account and another $30.00 fee to close out the savings account.

When they asked me why I was closing out my accounts, I said, Robbery.

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