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The News Pauper: OK, I Got One

By W. B. Dunne

Great August greetings to all you readers out there!

The News Pauper has been lying low as of late, sparing everyone from the last thing anyone wants; a column that has no ‘Oomph’ in it. Today I have found a piece of garbage I want to point out. There is a clip from CNBC that reeks; a CEO from the Novartis Company had his summer home burned to the ground and the ashes of his mother and sister stolen by an animal-rights activist group called MFAH Austria.

What got me about this clip was how biased towards the CEO it was. Company good, hippie activists, bad. The floor of the NYSE was the backdrop for the corpulent middle-aged white guy that introduced the segment. This fat fellow used the words animal activists, terrorists, and real whackos in a short intro and kicked it over to the young dude that did the report — but not before he threw in the words HQ and another exclusive to bolster the authoritarian fallacy.

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Turns Out Palin’s Been Lying About This Too…

When I first heard Sarah Palin make the claim that she could “see Russia from her house” it sounded weird and, checking a map, seemed preposterous. Now, thanks to CNN, it’s been definitively proven an outright lie:

Sarah Palin Has Never Actually Seen Russia From Alaska
By Jed Lewison, Huffington Post
Posted on October 2, 2008

Just when you thought the whole “I can see Russia from Alaska” thing couldn’t get any funnier … CNN’s Gary Tuchman delivers the goods: it turns out that Sarah Palin has never seen Russia from Alaska.

Tuchman went up to the part of Alaska from which you can actually see Russia, a remote island called Little Diomede located just 2.4 miles from its Russian twin, Big Diomede.

It turns out Gary Tuchman’s trip to Little Diomede sets him apart from Sarah Palin — because she’s never actually been there, nor has she set eyes on its neighbor in Russia.

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