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Jenn’s First Cup: Plastic Faces

(Originally posted April 10, 2009 to Simple Minds, Jenn’s blog.)

by Jenn Weinshenker

I saw an advertisement of an young actress I recognized, who had her lips plumped. She is a young actress who has a lovely face. And I thought, why would she do something like this? Make her face look so fake and unattractive? Who told her this was an improvement? Who told her this was a great investment in her future?

I don’t turn on TV much. Can’t stand the commercials. I check out movies and docs and instructional DVDs from the library. So when I do watch some TV it is shocking to me how plastic the American definition of beauty has become.

Plastic procedures have become so pervasive in our society that you can hardly tell what a real person looks like anymore. Ultra skinny women have these ginormous boobs and fat lips and pulled back skin and no expressions on their faces or lopsided faces because of the Botox they have pumped into their skin. And they look like monsters.

Honestly, I wonder, who sells these women on spending their money on these hideous plastic surgeries and procedures that make them look like stretched, frozen freaks?

Women aren’t allowed to age gracefully in America. If you put on a few pounds, get gray hair or have a few wrinkles you are pushed out of the picture.

Well, I would like to say something about this. “Wake Up! You don’t need to buy into this unrealistic ideal of what a beautiful woman looks like. You can be short, have curves, have wrinkles and you don’t have to be built like a 5 foot 9 inch boy to be attractive.”

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