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Today’s Quote: Surprise — Walker Admits Union Busting Had Nothing to Do With Balancing Wisconsin’s Budget

Not a shock to those who have been paying attention to the Reign of Error of the Koch’s Little King in Madison, but remember those speeches where Gov. Scottie insisted his going after public employees unions was strictly about the budget? Yeah, I know — he’s a Republican: you can tell he’s lying because his mouth is moving. BTW, note that his union-busting antics are actually going to COST the state money. I know, that’s typically Republican, too.

“Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) asked Walker the key question: What do the union-busting provisions have to do with balancing the budget? ‘Annual votes so unions can continue representing their own members. How much money does this save your state budget?’, Kucinich demanded. ‘It doesn’t save any,’ admitted Walker.

“In fact, it is likely to cost the state agency charged with overseeing the elections a pretty penny. Kucinich entered into the record a Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo noting that the items were not fiscal.”
— Mary Bottari, “Koch-Fueled Controversy Lands in Washington,” PRWatch, April 14, 2011.

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