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US Chamber’s Lobbyists Solicited Hackers To Sabotage Unions, Smear Chamber’s Political Opponents

An incredible story and indicative of how low the US Chamber of Commerce will go to protect the ruthless international operators that are killing America’s future. Read on in this Think Progress exclusive report:

US Chamber’s Lobbyists Solicited Hackers To Sabotage Unions, Smear Chamber’s Political Opponents

by Lee Fang
Feb. 10, 2011

ThinkProgress has learned that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the big business trade association representing ExxonMobil, AIG, and other major international corporations, is working with [a] set of “private security” companies and lobbying firms to undermine their political opponents, including ThinkProgress, with a surreptitious sabotage campaign.

According to e-mails obtained by ThinkProgress, the Chamber hired the lobbying firm Hunton and Williams to spearhead this effort. Hunton And Williams’ attorney Richard Wyatt, who once represented Food Lion in its infamous lawsuit against ABC News, was hired by the Chamber in October of last year. To assist the Chamber, Wyatt and his associates, John Woods and Bob Quackenboss, hired a set of private security firms — HB Gary Federal, Palantir, and Berico Technologies (collectively called Team Themis) — to develop tactics for damaging progressive groups and labor unions, in particular ThinkProgress, the labor coalition called Change to Win, the SEIU, US Chamber Watch, and StopTheChamber.com.

According to one document prepared by Team Themis, the campaign included an entrapment project. The proposal called for first creating a “false document, perhaps highlighting periodical financial information,” to give to a progressive group opposing the Chamber, and then to subsequently expose the document as a fake to undermine the credibility of the Chamber’s opponents. In addition, the group proposed creating a “fake insider persona” to “generate communications” with Change to Win. View a screenshot below:

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The News Pauper: On Shifting the Goal Posts

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper greets the reader with felicitations!

Never has any such bounty been bestowed on an undeserving subject by a more venerable sovereign. As a commentator on the issues of the times, the times again and again come to the aid of the hero of the story. Dig, if you will, the Grand Old Party has removed itself from the committee investigating George Bushs torture. They stated that they had no idea that a committee to determine if an investigation was merited might lead to an investigation!

The NP is no big city lawyer, but I can see and identify an attempt to undermine an issue from many fronts at once.

The corporate righties are all about dropping out right now. Anybody out there catch the story that Exelon has left the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the climate change issue? Is it the beginning of the polarization of corporations vs. citizens? Anybody out there notice that in Pittsburgh the security forces whipped out the battle tested LRAD, the sonic cannon? How long before XE whores itself against irate Americans in the interests of these breakaways? How long before someone forms a band and calls it “The Machine Gun Social”?

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