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Surprise! O’Keefe’s NPR Video is a Hacked-Up Lie

Why NPR, or anybody else, would trust this idiot’s honesty, especially after the Shirley Sherrod fiasco, is beyond me, but there you go. If he were a progressive, he’d be blacklisted by the Big Media forever.

No Shocker: O’Keefe’s NPR “Sting” Video Is a Lie

by Mark Sumner
Daily Kos, AlterNet.org
March 14, 2011

The ACORN video was a fake. The Shirley Sherrod video was a fake. So why should anyone be surprised to find that the NPR video is also a fake? James O’Keefe has absolutely no interest in the truth. Instead, his well-funded hit machine has only one purpose: to distort and manufacture controversy.


The real scandal here isn’t anything that Schiller said, it’s that anyone treats O’Keefe and his video sausage grinding seriously. And that NPR, like the Obama administration in the last round of this unmitigated, bald-faced manipulation, reacts as if anything O’Keefe is producing can be trusted.

There may be no clearer marker of media’s decline than in their treating O’Keefe as a legitimate source. Like Scott Walker’s actions against the unions in Wisconsin, O’Keefe isn’t out there to find the truth. He’s out there to smash anyone not part of the conservative club, and if what that takes is an unending stream of sewage… he has no problem with that.

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Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Two America’s’

Defend the Rich and Disparage the People Who Work for a Living– Yeah, That’s the Ticket…

Here’s the crazy Rush Boy defending million-dollar bonuses for AIG executives who drove the company into bankruptcy:

“[T]his is not just executives, but executives are employees, too. And in many of these firms their salaries are pretty small. They work on bonuses, via contract based on merit.”
— Rush Limbaugh, hilariously supporting the AIG bonuses on his radio show, March 17, 2009. [H/T to Media Matters’ new “Limbaugh Wire.”]

Right, “based on merit.”

And here he is lying to condemn autoworkers for earning their pay and benefits:

Limbaugh Drubs UAW Benefits

Once again, Rush proves himself to be the best friend progressives ever had.