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Pet Prose: A Lesson from the Wild Raccoons

By the Pet Pro
(The Pet Pro has over 20 years of professional experience caring for animals of all kinds.)

This is a true story. My brother lives in Ohio, and has a great house with a strip of trees in the back that hides the freeway, and gives the illusion of being in the woods when you sit out on the deck. There’s a large tree that grows through a hole cut in the middle of the deck, and a little creek runs nearby. It’s a lovely spot that attracts all kinds of critters, and my brother is an animal lover like me, so naturally, when the raccoons came to visit, even though he’d been told you shouldn’t, he put out food and water. One of the little masked creatures came nearly every day, and eventually would take food from his hand. He named her Isa, and they became friends. After a while, Isa stopped coming, and he thought she’d found a new location and hoped she was OK.

One day Isa returned, and surprise, surprise, brought with her several babies.

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