Voting rights fight heads to Senate with committee debate

(CNN)Senate Democrats are moving ahead this week with a sweeping proposal to rewrite US election laws — a longshot bid meant to counteract the voter restrictions Republicans have passed at the state level.

The For the People Act, a version of which has already passed the Democrat-controlled House and is set for debate in the Senate Rules Committee on Tuesday, faces steep odds in the Senate. The legislation rewrites federal campaign finance laws, set out new ethics requirements for the President and Supreme Court justices and makes broad changes in election administration, from registration to early voting. It has garnered no GOP support, ensuring it won’t overcome the 60-vote threshold needed to overcome a filibuster fight. And it has been met with hesitation by some Democrats, including West Virginia Sen. Joe Machin, who have shown little appetite to gut the filibuster and propel the bill forward.

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A MAGA Insurrectionist Appears in Zoom Court. Hilarity Ensues.

Now here’s a clever chap. During his court appearance yesterday — on Zoom, to which he had invited his smitten comrades in flakiness to “troll” — on several charges of assaulting Capitol cops on Jan. 6, one Landon Copeland shrieked at the judge, reports the Daily Beast.

“You people fucked this up. You’re going to give me a psych eval. I don’t like 70 percent of my income going to the government. Fuck all of you! I don’t like you people … you can’t come get me if I don’t want you to … Fuck all of you … Fuck all of you. I wanna talk in open court you motherfuckers!”

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Inspection- Ride to Hell Again or Justice Well Served?

By Ken Carman

 Since at least the 80’s this country has leaned away from punishing, arresting, holding responsible our leaders and their enablers. So easy to predict public servants on the highest level NOT being held responsible would emboldened them, even Inspectionif we have many decades showing that was exactly was happening. Nixon SHOULD have been impeached, and convicted. But by now we certainly must know impeachment is a lost cause, unless both houses are run by the opposing party and in large numbers.
 Considering the 4 times it has been attempted the result is predictable. A political answer to corruption is unlikely to ever work: at least one party in a two party system will never tolerate it. The bar is too high, and lowering it would also be used for political gain; less for actual corruption, crimes.
 Such a bad formula that; if a conviction ever does happen, most likely it will be an innocent. And the party most dedicated to purging and limiting blocks of voters that tend not to vote their way, while going over the extremist top of the political fence, will be most likely to succeed. Sorry, dear readers, that’s the way it is.
 The closest we came to a successful impeachment would have been Nixon, but that’s back when members of the president’s party had ethics. The Buckley brothers and Barry told Nixon it was time to go: albeit way too late. Good luck with that these days. Read more

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