Will the Next President Be America’s Last President?

Mitch McConnell’s use of the debt ceiling, and two Democratic senators taking big bucks from billionaires and the fossil fuel industry to sabotage Democratic efforts, illustrate a major — and largely unacknowledged — crisis point in American politics.

Since the end of the 1800s, America has flipped back and forth between two poles that have typically been called “conservative” and “progressive.” The election of 2020 and President Biden’s efforts now with his Build Back Better bills, for example, signal a turn from the 1980 flip to “conservative” back toward today’s “progressive” politics dominating American discourse.

This swing from one pole to the other is generally driven by, literally, “swing voters”: people with weak party affiliations who, when fed up with one pole or the other, drive the change, reflecting a larger shift in society.

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Let’s Have a Logical Discussion About “Freedoms”

Written by RC Romine

There is a distinct dichotomy at work when the Cons and Regressives talk about freedoms. There are “their” freedoms and a distinctly different version for those they see as the “others”. By the way, you and I are included in the second category. But how does it all work and who makes those decisions? We all grew up in the “Abuse Culture” of America and probably had no idea about it. “We are just defending ourselves” is and was the rallying cry of that culture. But in truth, it was there to make money through abuse. That is the real reason they hate unions because they hate sharing power. That is the real reason they hate a real and free education because they fear “Independent and thinking “people. That is why they hate “socialism” or any kind of organized and especially “leveling of society” help. For the Cons and the Regressives, “Their” freedom is the freedom to abuse others without recourse. That was what “Segregation” was all about and they want it back.
From the time we are in middle school a “Pecking “order of begins to be built. Those that exhibit societal norms are physically attractive, good athletes or have wealthy and powerful parents do well, everybody else becomes a kind of cannon fodder for the “In-Crowd.” It can be something as petty as owning the “right ” clothes, being popular for one reason or another, being physically powerful because you have been “held back” a few times. But about this time it becomes “Us and Them.” Social pressure becomes one of conformity or abuse. There is intense social and sometimes physical pressure to conform to the group. Individuality can result in a group beating by the enforcers of the norm. The teachers just stand by, even though they may try to intervene, the group norm is enforced. Welcome to the abuse culture! Read more

You’re Scared: A Million Americans Could Be Dead by Christmas

You’re scared. A million Americans could be dead by Christmas. You might be one of them. One of them might be your child. Your mother believed you when you said the vaccine was dangerous. It turned out you were the dangerous one because now she’s dead. Your grief made you dig in deeper. You still swore you’d not get vaccinated. It is humiliating to be wrong, even harder to admit it. You’ve lived your life as a good son, a great dad, a decent soul. You meant no harm — and yet, in your wake, there is a path of such misery, sickness, loss.

I love you. I won’t give up on you. I believe you meant well. But now you have to stop, surrender to the good that is still inside you. It’s not too late. Let me help. I have heard you. I have listened to your arguments. I ask now that you listen to my answers. Listen! You know me — I never do what I’m told. I know how much those in power lie to us. And I’ve lived my life rebelling against those lies.


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The Republican Crazy Train: Republican Jesus is Having a Difficult Time

As mentioned in my post from September 8, I feel that racism has been strongly conflated with evangelical Christianity, although that topic was not directly addressed in any of the sources that I found for that post.
As it happens, such a source was in my newsfeed today – an article entitled “The Unmaking of the White Christian Worldview,” by Robert P. Jones (https://www.msn.com/…/the-unmaking-of-the…/ar-AAOWWJr…).

In my earlier post, I reasoned that despite contradicting basic Christian values, the racism manifested by the Republican Party was a natural fit for racially anxious, White Christians. Such Republican Strategies as “The Southern Strategy,” stoking racial anxiety by invoking “The Great Replacement Theory,” or misinterpreting “Critical Race Theory,” in order to demean it, all fit this pattern. The article by Robert P. Jones, who was raised a White Southern Baptist in Jackson, Mississippi, discusses and explicates these issues.
In the article, Jones discusses how he was raised to think of Jesus as being similar to people like himself – a White savior of a White culture which was superior to all others.
Thus, other worldviews were less worthy of serious consideration, or lofty positions of power, according to their thinking, which still persists among many to this day. However, Jones also points out that the percentage of White evangelical Protestants in the United States is falling precipitously, having fallen from about 25% of the population just a decade ago, to 14.5% in the latest polls – and thus the title “The Unmaking of the White Christian Worldview.”

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